ESCR, Gender, Oil and Gas where is the connection?

CESCRA is currently embarking on advocacy on Oil and Gas and gender linking oil, gas and gender with the economic social cultural rights of women in the area of property rights; inheritance and Land rights, equal compensation, social economic benefits from Oil and Gas opportunities, equal employment opportunity and demand for gender accountability in services that might come to the Albterine Graben as a result of the presence of Oil and Gas companies in exploration and subsequent drilling.

The initiative will also focus on the social injustices and problems that women in the region might face such as domestic violence, sexual exploitation, unequal employment, exclusion from compensation processes, and family abandonment by husbands confused by compensation money boom, loss of arable land for agriculture, food insecurity, polluted water sources and other problems.

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CESCRA intends to harmonise the international and regional human rights law with national reforms and strategies.