We are the centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights in Africa

We trigger local capacities, amplify voices & enhance linkages for transformative social change in the lives of women and girls in the communities

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Teenage girls in Uganda are Registered Pregnant Every Day. 24% of Female Teenagers are either pregnant or have given birth
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Registered land is owned by women in Uganda today. 70% of the women are engaged in agriculture and surprisingly less than 20% control outputs of their efforts (UNHS 2012/13).
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Advancing Peaceful Co-existence & Respect for Human Rights among Refugees & Host Communities in Northern Uganda

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Refugees in Uganda are below 18 years and in need of appropriate protection services. Currently refugee in Uganda total over 1.4 million, 61.8 % of these are from South Sudan.

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Population in Kampala live in unplanned and poorly constructed areas. Housing deficit in Kampala are over 420,000 Units

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in informal employment.
Women and youth are the majority

The Right to Health

Women operate a repaired well in the village of Do Meabra, Ghana, 5 May 2013. The well was drilled with support from Matching Grant 69051. Training for residents to repair wells was provided with support from Global Grant 25922. Find the story in

The Right to Water and Sanitation

About US

CESCRA is a registered regional non-profit organization, founded in 2010 to contribute to the realization of Economic Social Cultural Rights (ESCRs) of marginalized communities and group of people especially women, girls and youth. The organization harmonizes the international and regional human rights laws with national reforms and strategies to address women’s lack of land, housing, inheritance and property rights, the problem of female and youth unemployment, improved working environment within the informal sector, decision making processes of marginalized communities and making their voices heard within the formulation of national polices. The organization is driven by the commitment to advance the ESCRs and gender equality in Africa to ensure that citizens especially the grassroots enjoy their basic human rights amidst growing business and government developments.

Human Rights Programs Officer

CESCRA seeks to recruit a qualified, competent and passionate individual as a Human Rights Programs Officer for a three-year project that focuses on Advancing Peaceful Co-existence & Respect for Human Rights among Refugees & Host Communities in Northern Uganda. This is a Consortium Project under European Union Funding and therefore it will require good relationship with the three partner involved.

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