Centre for Economic Social Cultural Rights (CESCRA) is a not-for –profit non-government regional organisation founded in 2010 by four activists experienced in regional human rights specifically on economic social cultural rights and gender equality in Africa. CESCRA intends to harmonise the international and regional human rights law with national reforms and strategies. CESCRA harnesses the energies of the existing national organisations and networks and links these to the growing population of grass root leaders to front the economic social cultural agenda.

Full realisation of economic social and cultural rights is largely challenged by persistent poverty, climate change and its effect on food security, water, housing and health, persisting conflicts and bad governance and failed democracy on the African continent. Gender inequality continues to challenge the progress made in women empowerment and participation despite efforts by states to address gender gaps. By bringing together energies and experiences from all corners of sub-Sahara Africa, CESCRA sets out to protect the economic social cultural rights of the marginalised on the African continent including focus on promoting gender equality.

CESCRA Values and Commitments

  • Equality of all persons including gender equality and social inclusion
  • Transparency and accountability in all levels of engagements
  • Democracy
  • Participation of all levels of society
  • Engagement through mutual dialogue
  • Respect for all voices of society and actors
  • Models of excellence in all CESCRA undertakings