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By CESCRA Editorial team

If we want to stop child marriage permanently we must address the problem from its root cause by shifting the social norms that perpetuate gender inequality because the best solutions come from the people who are most affected by a problem. When girls are forced to stay at home or within their communities rather than attending school, they are at far greater risk of experiencing gender based violence and are more vulnerable to child marriage.
What would your life be like with only five years of schooling? For many girls around the world, this is the most education they can expect and they are the lucky ones. Across Africa, 28 million girls between the ages of about 6 and 15 are not in school and many will never even set foot in a classroom because we are living in a world where violent extremists are bent on destroying the lives of school girls, their families and communities. And beyond the horror, we see the daily grind of poverty forcing girls to sacrifice their right to education, happiness and hope for a better life. Girls are being sexually harassed and forced in to marriage by people who are meant to protect them. We see parents negotiating with culprits at the expense of the lives and happiness of the girl children and forcing them into marriage before they are of age and ready to.
There’s totally no reason and no excuse, child marriage is an abuse! It’s very disheartening for a parent to force their child into marriage before they are old enough and ready for it. Young girls are being sold off to men old enough to be their grandparents and fathers. As a neighbor, friend, relative, the authorities and well-wisher, what are you doing to help end child marriage and secure the girl child’s future? We all know the dangers that come with child marriage therefore to protect every girl do your part to advice, report, create awareness to the public. Look at these girls as your daughter, sister, niece, and friend. Be the hope that a girl child has, be a voice of change for the girl child .CESCRA advocates for the rights of the girl child and on a journey to eliminate child brides and the number of early marriages in Uganda.
It might seem so difficult but it is actually quite simple, you start with yourself, your neighbor and your community. Be your neighbors’ keeper and watch out for one another .usually most people suggest that one should mind their own business but when it comes to issues of human rights one cannot keep watch while the rights of another is being violated. Make a difference by calling out for help in extreme cases and where there’s need alert the responsible authorities .advice your neighbor and tell them the importance of educating their daughters as well as their sons.

“I stand up against early marriage”

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